Ok, so this is a pretty tough question and it’s a bit… GCSE. With a view to writing a more substantial piece in this blog I answered relatively briefly on the Facebook Group – The Creative Meat thus, I’ll probably not get round to fleshing this out:

Hi all, my card asked me: “Who is your greatest influence regards your creativity?”

Painting by Marcus Harvey
Painting by Marcus Harvey

It’s a tricky question as each influence represents a transition from one form or type of my practice to another. I did an art degree and was interested in a kind of Cezanne, Bomberg, Auerbach, Freud lineage then Marcus Harvey became a changing influence and I ended up painting ‘borrowed’ images or specifically photos of tv showing a film still. This work was more of an homage to the films of Ridley Scott, Kubrick, Fincher and other films I loved. They dealt loosely with ideas iconography and narrative. Kurosawa’s drawings of Ran were a also big influence.

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Conceptual Art
Artwork Done At Work.

Only after University did I discover Richard Prince who not so much influenced me, more so he helped me consolidate ideas about my practice I was scared of. I produced a series of work entitled ‘Stationary’ about killing time while being employed, made from stationery at where ever I was working. The rubber band balls were made at GE Life in the Priory and Roche Pharma in Welwyn. They had numerous names coined whenever I showed them but my favourite was – Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Conceptual Art.

Around the same time I coined one of many alter egos called Terry N D’lude which is an anagram of Tyler Durden, which is quite appropriate to this project. I quote from Fight Club quite often, having moved twice in a year my favourite has been ‘Your possessions own you!’. Terry wasn’t much of a fan of my work but loved to write about it and submit reviews to the necessary magazines and newspapers.

Anyhow as Deputy Graphics Editor of Metro I got heavily into information graphics and data-visualisation specifically David McCandless. His book – ‘Information is Beautiful’ is a must have.

And from that same role I got heavily into technology thanks to a guy I met on a press trip to the music and technology festival, Spring Fest in Graz.

Evan Roth was doing a talk about his practice and he is still, to this day, the most inspiring creative I’ve met or known. Links below, I really recommend him to everyone, watch the video link – “Artists Are Hackers” and Google him more:

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