OK, so I’m not really a beginner but I did just want to do the UX and wireframing for this project and not deal with all the headaches that come with coding.

So it all started in September 2015 when a friend of mine asked if I could create a map GUI that allowed him to search and filter his employers portfolio of properties while also being able to toggle between layers of different regional boundaries, i.e. postcode, county, local authority, ccg etc.

I said, ‘No problem’ and showed him the Guardian’s latest affordable property map built on OpenStreetMap, styled with MapBox with interactivity courtesy of Leaflet.js and it vast swathe of plugins. It pulled in data that I assume was the latest Government figures from sources like the ONS, the 2011 census and other industry bodies probably all thrown together in some Google Fusion table or summint. It’s really fancy and well worth a look if you prefer to be depressed, my mate, Cath’s team did a top-notch job there.

I’d messed around with maps before in my role as Graphics Editor for the Mail’s tablet edition but offline maps were a huge issue with iPads back then and so we ran into connectivity problems straight away.

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